Why are brochures still relevant today?

Marketing has evolved over the years with companies embracing new technologies to bolster brand visibility and spread word about their products and services. One piece of marketing collateral that has proven effective and managed to stand the test of time is a brochure. In marketing, repetition is vital. Brochures, if well designed, can be very much a collectible item that constantly reminds customers about your business and the products and services you offer. This goes a long way in ensuring top of mind awareness. Why should businesses include brochures in their marketing arsenal? 

  • Very informative: Brochures are compact and enable businesses to give a lot of details about their business and the products they offer. Businesses can also use brochures to communicate their unique value proposition and top it up with a call to action. This becomes easy to compel prospective customers to take action.


  • Easy to distribute: Building a brand is not a walk in the park. Businesses need to be proactive and aggressive enough to approach potential customers in order to increase their bottom line. Brochures come in handy since they can be easily distributed at shopping malls, conferences and exhibitions. Mass distribution enables businesses to capture a large array of demographics.

  • Versatility: Businesses need to effectively take advantage of any opportunity that can bring new customers. In this case, having a marketing collateral that is versatile is key. Brochures can be easily distributed during various events and can be placed across several strategic spots that are frequented by customers and prospective customer. They are one of the most versatile marketing tools a business can use.

  • Cost-effective: Marketing needs to be consistent. A business needs to constantly communicate to its target market. There are various avenues a business can use to constantly spread word about its products and services. However, some platforms are quite expensive and the return on investment (ROI) can be minimal. Brochures have a relatively low cost of production making them ideal for long term use.

  • Effectively captures a reader’s attention: Well-designed brochures creatively blend quality, text, color and images. When a prospective customer decides to go through a well-executed brochure, his/her attention is undivided. They will carefully go through the details and eventually end up on the contact details. This will increase the chances of them recalling your business in future.